Frequently Asked Questions

90-95% of our everyday decision-making takes place in our sub conscious mind, meaning we are unaware of these decisions.

In PSYCH-K®, we use muscle testing to establish communication with the subconscious mind where change can occur rapidly. Whole brain body postures and movements are utilized, causing neuron firings in both brain hemispheres. It is in this “whole brain state” that real and effective long-term change occurs.

Simple action steps are then created to reinforce the changes in the subconscious mind and these impact the results you will be creating in your life. PSYCH-K® is much more effective than positive thinking, visualisations or affirmations.

Rob Williams, founder of PPSYCH-K ® discusses “What is a PSYCH-K ® balance

Benefits are individual, depending on what behaviours, traumas or negative mindsets are operating in your subconscious, stopping you from achieving success in your life. PSYCH-K® is a scientifically validated process that creates powerful, long term change.

PSYCH-K® was developed in 1988 by Rob Williams, a psychotherapist who was frustrated with the lack of progress his clients were making. The process has been refined over the last 30 years and there are now qualified facilitators working in over 40 countries worldwide.

Following a PSYCH-K® session, balances typically are long term. It’s like changing a program in your computer – once it’s done, it’s stored and operating unless you change it.

Although it is possible to effect much change in the initial 90 min consultation, follow up sessions can be advisable, depending on the nature of your areas of concern. Following the initial consultation where we identify individual issues of concern, we will create a plan to assist you on your journey of transformation.

Initial Consultation 90 mins $250
Follow up consultations 50-60 mins $175
Bonus Pack (includes 1 x 90 min consultation and 3 x 60 min followup consultations $700 (Normally $775)

A PSYCH-K® session can be done remotely via zoom as well as face to face. Muscle testing is done through a process known as “surrogation”

No, sessions are not recorded as the change occurs within the individual session, supported by the action steps that a client commits to as follow up.

Generally, no. However, clients might like to start thinking about what areas of their life they would like to make changes in