Creating Connections Between Creatives

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2015: I was lost! I had been a single mum for 27 years. All my energy had gone into providing for my 2 children who had both taken off overseas for an extended period of time. They had always been my compass – my “true north” and around which revolved every decision I made in life.

With such a void in my life, I needed to find “me” again. I decided since travel was what had always brought me joy by opening my mind to new places, people and experiences, I would set off on a 6 month adventure taking in parts of Sth East Asia, Europe and North Africa.

A beautiful portrait

Reconnecting with my creative self

As part of the journey to finding “me” again, I made a decision to honour my creative self and commit to completing 100 Days Of Creativity – to do something, anything, creative for 100 days, and post my work on line.

A New Discovery

Journaling each day has always been natural for me however, it took on a new dynamic when I combined it with my 100 Days of Creativity challenge, part of which included 49 days walking the Camino di Santiago across the north of Spain (and that’s a whole other blog!)

Each day I would spend between 15 mins and 2 hrs (depending on my schedule) creating “something”. The goal was to do something creative each day, NOT produce a masterpiece

Although this had not been my intention, I soon gathered a following of friends and family via Facebook who enjoyed the journey with me.

This feeling of connection to firstly myself and secondly, my friends, was such a gift!

Sharing the Joy – 30 Creative Days

That’s why I decided to create a group for anyone who feels the calling to connect with their creative spirit and share a journey with other like minded people; to support each other, be accountable to each other and to grow together.

The 30 Creative Days Challenge is open to anyone – you don’t have to see yourself as an artist.

It could be a simple drawing, a photo or poetry, maybe a sand castle you have built! Whatever inspires you today… as long as it’s something you’ve created!

When I was particularly busy, my challenge was reduced to finding “one colour a day” – at least it got a paint brush in my hand and my eyes open to the beauty of colours around me

Progress Calendar

Tips for Success:

• Stop thinking that everything you create has to be a masterpiece
• The purpose is to stretch your creative muscles
• View each day as an journey of discovery, rather than a task
• Do this for yourself, not an audience you are marketing to
• Enjoy the process – see the end result as just a bonus

Join the 30 Creative Day Challenge! To join like minded creatives, click the link below for more details of the next upcoming challenge and sign up to our facebook group and enjoy the support of others on the journey.

I look forward to seeing you online!